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Company ProfileDOMYLCO Ltd. has been founded in 1976 by a team of engineers (civil - chemical). With european orientation and sound technical background it has been since active in the sector of hi-tech construction chemicals.

DOMYLCO's primary goal:

Production and sales of high-tech materials, which are conform to the greek and international standards.

In order to achieve it's goal DOMYLCO:

  • Has developed a state of the art laboratory for quality control and R&D tests.
  • Does continuous research for the improvement of it's products which always reflect the market conditions.
  • Has introduced procedures for the best possible service towards it's customers and for their adequate understanding of the product range and of the uses of specific products.
  • Has been using a management system according to ISO 9002:1994 already since 1996, upgraded according to ISO 9001:1994 in 1999 and according to ISO 9001:2015 in 2017.
  • Respects the environment, using environmentally accepted production methods described in it's environmental management system verified according to EMAS in year 2000.
  • Since May 2003 it has certified its production from a E.U. notified body and marks its concrete admixtures with the CE mark, which constitutes a proof of quality and is a prerequisite for the legal presence of any concrete admixture in the Greek and European market.


In 1976 DOMYLCO introduces it's concrete admixture range bearing the brand CHEM creating the now classic CHEM 1. Today CHEM 1 is used in most concrete production plants in Greece. In 1980 follows the superplasticizing admixture CHEM SPL, a brand which has today replaced the word superplasticizer in the construction job-site.

The concrete admixture range includes today more than 30 products. In 1999 the new generation CHEMIUM range is introduced, in order to fill the space created by the advances in chemistry. The rest of the construction product spectrum is covered by the DOMO range.

Until today, more than one billion cubic meters of concrete have been produced with DOMYLCO's products.

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